Lord, If You Are Willing…

Lord if You are willing

Lord, If You Are Willing…

Desperate LEPER; Daring TEACHER; Humble RECIPIENT

A leper is one who is suffering from a serious disease. In addition to the condition of ill health, tradition demanded the patient to be isolated from family and friends. In short ostracized from society, as an “untouchable” by Jewish law. Thus, in addition causing humiliation and emotional trauma.

There is an incident recorded for us in which a leper demonstrates a degree of boldness rarely seen. His desperation prevented him from hesitating to approach the Healer. Despite the press of the large crowds that followed the Master, the leper was daring enough to make his way to Jesus and knelt in worship. This is where he moves from desperate leper to daring teacher. He demonstrates his implicit trust in Jesus. He confidently acknowledged the power of Jesus to heal and humbly declared: “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.” (Matt. 8:2) The compassionate Christ reached out and touched the leper, and immediately he was the recipient of a miraculous healing. (Matt.8:3)

To this day, we too just like the desperate leper, need not hesitate to approach Jesus for His help in our desperate circumstances. As we worship Him with confidence and humility, we too can receive His compassion and perfect will for our situation.
“Let us come boldly to the Throne of Grace, that we may obtain mercy.” (Heb. 4:16)

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