What the Wise Men Did Not Know


What the Wise Men Did Not Know

Matthew 2 : 1-16

Who were the wise men? How many were there? Where were they from? Legend has tried to satisfy our curiosity on these issues.

In the ancient world most people believed in astrology. The steady courses of the heavenly bodies represented the settled order of the universe. When some new astronomical happening occurred, it was reasonable to suppose that God was breaking into His ordered world and making known some newsworthy event.

Impressed by what they saw in the skies at night, some of these men journeyed west to Judea to find out what it meant. It is perfectly astonishing that men with so little to go on should venture so far, endure such hardships in travel, and face such uncertainties of finding the one, the star indicated.

The wise men teach us to go forward in faith without all the answers.

However, we must not miss the fact that there were some vital matters concerning the birth of Jesus which the wise men did not know. Let us consider them briefly.

First, they did not know where Jesus was. This signifies to us that they did not know the scriptures. If they had been familiar with the scriptures, they would have made their way to a humble manger in Bethlehem, just five miles from Jerusalem, instead of to the palace.

Second, they did not know who He was. They did know He was born King of the Jews. However, they did not have angels to identify Him as “a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” So, we can infer from that, they did not know He was the Son of God and the redeemer of sinful man.

Third, they did not know the calamity, heartache, and horror their visit to Herod’s palace would create. They did not know the extent of Herod’s jealousy because of the information they had shared. They did not know innocent babies would also become victims at the hands of a vicious dictator.

Fourth, they did not know Jesus would become an unwelcome, disruptive personality who would instigate confusion and disorder in the Jewish community of His day.

These were matters the wise men did not know. But in faith they travelled afar, following the star, found Jesus and “fell down and worshipped” Him as Lord. They wanted to present Him costly gifts and the worship of their hearts. In the three gifts the wise men presented Jesus, we see WHO He is; WHAT He came to do, and what it COST Him.

Just as it was then, even now wise men and women, the world over, still seek Him. This is the crucial quest of life to this day. When you seek Him diligently, you will find Him to worship Him, serve Him, and love Him as your personal Savior and Lord.

The reason being: He is seeking you!

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