Pathway to Spiritual Progress


Pathway to Spiritual Progress

By Nita Edwards Inspired by A W Tozer

Philippians 4: 7-14

One of my favorite authors is A. W. Tozer. Having read his writings, I wish to share this with you.

In the challenging times we live in, if God has placed in you a desire to be like Jesus, then He will invite you into a life of humility, sacrifice, and crucifixion.

The demands on you will include obedience and self-denial. Your measuring scale will not be your next-door neighbor or your work mates or your fellow students in the Fraternity. You will be called to higher standards of accountability. When you fail to measure up to the Master’s expectation of you, the chastening of the Lord will lead you down the path of painful penitence.

The following suggestions may help you as you prepare to move closer to your goal in becoming like Jesus.

  1. Set your face like flint and begin the arduous task of putting your life in order. Let it not be a mere longing – it must be an all-compelling drive. Every man or woman is as spiritual as he or she really wants to be.
  2. Tie up loose ends in your life. Work to pay off your debts. Take to heart simple biblical instructions. Give your tithes. Set aside well-defined time to commune with God daily. Learn to identify and listen to His small gentle promptings. Build godly influences in your life.
  3. Displace ungodly practices in your lifestyle. There is no need to condemn or criticize others, but fine tune your spiritual ears to the voice of the Holy Spirit of God to guide you on your faith journey. You will be amazed how God will guide you even in the minor matters of your life, and for sure the major issues as you learn to obey the inner promptings of His Spirit.
  4. Reserve the Throne Room of your heart for Almighty Creator God. It is He alone who satisfies your deepest longings. He understands you, even when you don’t understand yourself – it was He who formed you in your mother’s womb. Your access to God is through the Lord Jesus Christ alone, the Savior of your soul. Above all else, make your utmost priority developing your knowledge and an intimate relationship with Him.
  5. You will discover the “Great Comforter” is a wonderful companion. When you need His comfort or counsel, just open the core of your being to Him, and welcome His presence to fill the emptiness within, with His peace.
    Scriptures have recorded evidence of His presence like a mighty rushing wind. Though not always as dramatic as in Acts chapter 2, it is an unmistakable encounter.
  6. Launch out to practice the presence of God. Carry your own cross, no matter how near and dear-there is no one who will carry your cross for you! Obedience to God’s Word, prayer and intercession, humility, and a sacrificial life can enhance Christ likeness in you.

Today, any follower of Christ, who chooses to put to practice these basic Christian principles will surely journey on the path of spiritual progress. They will reap the rewards of having Christ dwell within them. May the Lord stir our hearts to march on!

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