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The Power of Forgiveness

Unlike flippant comments we sometimes make, Christ-like forgiveness is a catalyst that works miracles! The word forgive literally means “to give away.” Forgiveness is a decision you make. It is very much like expelling co2 from your body because you know that holding on to it will only hurt you. So, exhale – go ahead and release it.

The story is told of the Roman soldier at the foot of the cross of Jesus. His name was Longinus. He was the man who pierced the side of Jesus. But he was also a man with a physical need. He had a defective eye.

Our world is filled with people with an unforgiving spirit. This results in hatred, resentment, anger, a desire for revenge and bitterness. God is calling us to be a people who can forgive instantly and love deeply from the heart. Nothing short of the all-conquering power of Christ-like forgiveness can produce healing for broken hearts, broken relationships, and broken families.

One meaning for the word “forgive” in the Greek is “release”. By forgiving, we release both ourselves and others from bondage. Those who cannot forgive others whole heartedly, can never enjoy true freedom. Un-forgiveness is an umbilical cord that keeps you tethered to past memories. They can affect you negatively from generation to generation because whatever you do not forgive, you re-live!

Let us observe Jesus when He prayed, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34

a) He was facing utmost humiliation.
b) He was experiencing the greatest pain imaginable.
c) He had reached the depths of human suffering.
d) He was in the weakest moments of His physical state.

Yet He exercised His power to forgive His executioners.

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