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Zechariah 4:6

I want to start with a question: “What is possible for God’s Spirit?” We have been praying and sincerely seeking to know the mind of Christ concerning our “tag line.” Our deadlines were pushing us, and the pressure was mounting, and we have been waiting on God.

Have you ever felt you were up against a situation or demand you could not meet? I think that most of us have faced such a predicament! Maybe you are there today – you are tired, frustrated, eve close to quitting. But God has help for us.

I want to share with you an illustration I read that helped me.

A ship may lose its way, confused by the dense fog all around, until it hits a reef and lies stranded at low tide. Promptly several small tugboats gather to rescue the ocean liner. Large ropes are thrown over to secure the vessel and the engines of the tugboats churn the waters as they pull and strain to move the large ship – yet there is no movement. Then the Captain orders the tugs to release the vessel and decides to rely on an almost unseen power; he patiently waits for the rising tide. The hours silently drag on and the tide surges higher and still higher, inch by inch until finally the ship is afloat and is moved off the reef – uplifted by the irresistible tide.

That’s how the Spirit of God works. The key is for each of us to RELEASE ourselves and our situations to Him. When we do, He can STEP IN and begin to LIFT us toward the resolution He has for us. God’s word gives us the assurance of that power that can give us that NEEDED PUSH.

“It is not by might nor by power, BUT by my Spirit, says the Lord.”
(Zechariah 4:6)

So, when we face difficult decisions and situations, we need to surrender our stressful efforts to the tides of the Spirit of God for that needed push. What has seemed IMPOSSIBLE now is POSSIBLE because the Spirit’s power is unlimited.

The question we started with was: What is possible with God’s Spirit?

The answer is: All that is wonderful!

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