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Security in The Savior

“Trust in Him at all times.” Psalm 26:8

Most of us have experienced insecurities of various sorts at different seasons of our lives. For example, being made redundant at work, a broken relationship, illness, and retirement are just a few opportunities for insecurity. In the last few days of 2004, the world seemed stunned in horror at the devastation the Tsunami lashed out on Southeast Asia. Even seasoned broadcasters groped for words to describe the pathetic sights they witnessed as thousands of decomposing corpses lay all around.

In such instances, the temptation is to fix our gaze on what we lack or what we may have lost. This compels our emotional span of vision to be limited and riddled with fear. This then betrays our vulnerability instead of our self-sufficiency.

Spiritually speaking, this is a good place to reach. We are never self-sufficient, neither are we meant to be. We are reminded (Deuteronomy 8:17-18) that we cannot even provide for ourselves without God’s help. All that we have and all that we are and ever hope to be, including our strength to execute the task at hand, is but a gift from God.

It is only when we seek God’s face in faith through prayer, that our insecurities dissipate and our confidence in God grows. It’s He who is our source for every good and perfect gift. The Word of God also assures us that God pleads the cause of those in need. Regardless of the dramatic changes we have seen in recent days, our God is still with us. When all human systems fail and disaster strikes with all its fury, God’s praying people have a reliable resource. He is our refuge and our fortress and in Him we can prayerfully place our trust. God offers us His unfailing comfort and strength to change the systems that keep us in need.

The Almighty Provider who promises to give us “power to get wealth” is the same loving Father who promises to remain with us when health and wealth are gone. This faithful God is our only lasting security. In these turbulent times we live in, may we daily draw ever closer to the Savior through the power of prayer.

“Trust in Him at all times” Psalm 26:8

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