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Led by The Spirit

In the 1940s, the organizational skills of a young pastor had earned him a great reputation. However, years later, Francis Schaeffer’s approach at L’Abri, Switzerland was quite different. His desire was to witness the hand of God exclusively at work and not the success of yet another well-organized program. This, he later described as his toughest assignment.

(1) “Praying always with all prayer and supplications in the Spirit.” Ephesians 6:18

While praying in the Spirit, obedience is a vital ingredient. As we choose to grow deeper in our obedience to God, we may observe that it costs more to other lives intertwined with ours than we would like. This often poses a temptation to act out of sympathy and fail to identify with the heights God would desire for them. In this process, sympathy has a way of interrupting the vital identification with God and may also very well short circuit God’s goals for them. Do not let sympathy for another keep that person from fulfilling God’s plan.

(2) “As many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God.” Romans 8:14

It is also virtually impossible to intercede on behalf of others unless we are positively certain of our own status with God. Identification is the key to intercession. Seeing God’s interest come to fruition in the lives of others is the very essence of intercession. In addition, spiritual discernment is indeed an added tool in the arsenal of the intercessor. As the children of God in Christ, we shouldn’t dare to attempt anything without the leadership of the Holy Spirit of God.

(3) “…The Lord of Hosts, who is wonderful in counsel and excellent in guidance.” Isaiah 28:29

Be aware of the impression that intercession means bringing our personal expectations into the presence of God and demanding that He does what we see fit to resolve the dilemma of the day. To be led by the Spirit, demands yielding oneself to God, in all facets of life. This includes Christian discipline and time devoted to the study of the “handbook” of life – God’s Word. Then and only then will being led by the Spirit and following the Master’s direction assure peace and victory in the life of the believer and also bring honor to God.

Four KNOW steps to learning to be led by the Spirit:

(1) Know God, know peace.
(2) Know who you are in Christ.
(3) Know the principles outlined in the Word of God.
(4) Know the joy of successful living.

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