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Hearing in the Stillness

Larry and Sue had planned and prepared for this day. Now as they embarked on the mission, they were filled with gratitude to God and anticipation. The last passenger boarded the aircraft. The engine revved up. They were moving — it was almost wheels up. Then they noticed his suspicious behavior. He appeared to be nervous and was sweating up a storm as he studied his lap-top computer with a detailed description of an aircraft just like the one they were on — and he was in the next seat! Wouldn’t you imagine that was sufficient cause for fervent prayer?

As you and I desire to pray fervently for situations in each of our lives, we can learn to practice some spiritual disciplines. Often the pace of life will outstrip our ability to reason as we pray on the run. Soon fatigue will replace times of reflection. Eventually meaning and purpose in prayer will be lost.

“David went in and sat before the Lord.” 2 Samuel 7:18 NKJV

Today, if you are one who frequently practices praying on the run, I want to share with you four reasons we fail to hear God speaking to us:

1) We don’t know the discipline of stillness before God.
2) We don’t know how to react to His silence.
3) We don’t have sensitivity to His voice.
4) We don’t have an action plan.

The challenging time of prayer our Advisory Council member and his wife recently experienced during an eventful time of ministry in the Caribbean did indeed enhance their commitment to fervent prayer.

“David went in and sat before the Lord.” 2 Samuel 7:18 NKJV

May we also learn to “sit before the Lord” and hear the voice of God in stillness, so, we can be enriched in the spirit as we turn our cares into prayers!

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