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Frequent the Tent

In the scriptures, Moses is an outstanding servant of God. Even though the degree of patience, insight, and long suffering he displayed at times are questionable, he has set an example worthy of being emulated.

One thing Moses practiced was to pitch a tent outside the camp, and he called it the “Tent of Meeting” (Exodus 33:7) So anyone seeking after the Lord would go to the tent. Moses himself had many an awesome encounter there with Almighty God. The Lord would communicate with Moses face to face even as to a friend. (Exodus 33:11) This is a reminder to us today who seek to strengthen our
prayer life, during our busyness to simply come apart and enter the Meeting Place to seek the face of God.

As we observe the prayer life of Moses, we learn it was a two-way communication. There are four kinds of prayers he prayed in the tent of meeting. (Ex. 33:11-13)

a) “…Let me know whom You would send with me….”
We learn that some difficulties we experience are on account of the company we keep and the influence they have over us. Moses asked for God’s approval of his companion.

b) “…Teach me Your ways….”
Here we learn that even at times of struggle and when human wisdom fails, if we receive divine input, it will see us through to victory.

c) “…. So, I may know You….”
The question today is: how well do you know your God? This was the cry of the heart of Moses – not simply a casual inquiry, but instead a deep-rooted longing for intimacy between the Creator and the created.

d) “…. So, I may continue to find favor with You….”
God’s favor is a much-needed ingredient in our daily lives. Favor opens doors, gives you the advantage and influences people even before you speak a word. Then we see God had a turn to address His chosen servant Moses saying: “I will do the very thing you have asked, because you have pleased Me, and I know you by name.” (Exodus 33:17) The highest motive for serving God must be our desire to please

How would you like being on a first name basis with the Creator God? It is possible because Moses did in his day. Let us take time away from the madding crowds and frequently seek the face of God. Once we enter the meeting place may we master the art of focusing on Him, but also take our turn to hear Him speak to us.

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