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“When He reached the shore, He saw a great crowd
eagerly waiting for Him. Because He pitied them,
He began to teach them many valuable lessons.” Mark 6:34

Let’s go back to Bethsaida – and in your mind’s eye, can you see the Lord alighting from that boat? He has left the ocean behind, only to step into an ocean of humans. And they are pushing and shoving to get just a bit closer to the Master.

Mind you, He has crossed over Galilee, to get a break from the milling crowds. He needs to grieve. There is a dire need for rest and relaxation with His intimate friends. The last thing He needs at that moment is another mob of a few thousand folk to press in on Him, seeking physical healing, spiritual healing, and words of wisdom from Him.

But we see, His great love and concern for people drowns His own need for rest. He knew he may never get as much as a “thank you” from many He healed. He may have observed folk who were more interested in being healthy than being holy. He may have even met some who begged for bread today only to beg for His blood in the weeks ahead. Yet He healed them anyway – because He had compassion on them!

We can take a lesson from this as we inter-act with each other. There may be times when:

  • It is easier to misunderstand than understand someone else.
  • It is easier to snap/ be critical with someone else than be patient with them.
  • It may be easier to give up on a relationship and walk away from it than stick with it and work to improve it.

But if we choose to allow the compassion of Christ be reflected through us, we can share understanding, patience, and stick-to-it-ness in building up others in our circle of influence.

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