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Arise and Build

“I will build My church…” (Matthew 16:17)

These words of Jesus are both reassuring and powerful. Jesus will bring things to a glorious and triumphant conclusion. He will build His church. However, there is an antithesis to this. The Word of the Lord comes to His people through the Old Testament prophet Haggai that it is time for them to rise up and build the LORD’S house. “Go up into the mountains and bring down timber and build the house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored.” (Haggai 1:8) God needs our partnership in His building program on earth. Nehemiah brings a similar thought, “…we His servants will arise and build.” (Nehemiah 2:20)

I believe one of God’s words to His people at this time, is to “rise up” – to arise and build. As we build, spiritually speaking, He will do His part by empowering and prospering the work. To quote, “Without God we cannot: without us He will not.” (Anonymous)

How do we arise and build? One of the main ways is through prayer. We see this expressed in Ezekiel 22:30 where God is seeking for those who will stand before Him on behalf of the land: who will “…build up the wall…”. In the United States and around the world spiritual walls are being broken down with devastating results. This is where we come in. This is where we may need to reprioritize our time and effort in partnership with God. Haggai points out that the people had become more concerned about building their own homes (Haggai 1:2-11) while God’s house was being neglected. They were in distress. However, as they obeyed God’s Word:

  • A fear/awe of God filled their hearts. (vs.12)
  • Their hearts were stirred up for the work. (vs. 13)
  • God promised to be with them, so they need not fear. (vs. 4,5)
  • They are assured of God’s blessing and greater glory than formerly. (Haggai 2:9,19)

Dear prayer warriors, let us ‘arise and build’ – every prayer makes a difference. As we fulfill our part in prayer, God will certainly do His. Together we will see mighty things accomplished for His glory.

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