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Raised in an upper class family, Nita Edwards had all the luxuries of life as a child: British boarding schools, extensive travel, butlers, servants, chauffeur, and gardeners.

When age 13, her father suddenly died. It made her very angry with God. Her praying mother never gave up on her and some years later she accepted Jesus as Lord of her life.

As an active athlete she won medals in many sports. After a inter-university field hockey championships, life took a different turn. She had a fall from one floor of the university building to another. The result was she became a quadriplegic. After almost a year in a hospital bed and many conversations with God, Nita totally surrendered her life to Jesus at a deeper level than before. She told God if His plan was for her to be in a vegetable state, she would still live for him till her last breath. Shortly after that, the Holy Spirit of God gave her a promise that Jesus would heal her. He actually fulfilled His promise on Feb. 11, 1977, in the presence of seven witnesses. He also told her she would be His witness in the world and a link among His people.

Forty years have gone by. Traveling to over 56 countries, she has worked with the persecuted church in Asia, faced communist guards, organized care for some 689 children, led mission trips with several hundred people, encouraged supported and prayed with believers all over the world in both Catholic and Protestant churches and across all denominations. She has developed the personal discipline of prayer and teaches prayer seminars to help other believers make prayer a life style.

Establishing a non profit ministry after the healing, Nita Edwards has an organic network of people around the world who help her fulfill her calling.

Together Nita and her partners believe in God’s word and want to share it.

ALIVE GLOBAL, Inc. is a non-profit organization in the USA.

Working with her team, they are building www.hope64.com, an internet radio station which will offer the scriptures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 24 languages.

Nita continues teaching on prayer and preaching in churches across denominational lines.

Partners from around the world pray and give to the work of ALIVE GLOBAL Inc. In turn, they are blessed with being a part of fulfilling the great commission of Jesus. Partners are prayed for daily by the team.

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